Our Story Thus Far (Or, "Previously, on Changeling")

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Our Story Thus Far (Or, "Previously, on Changeling") Empty Our Story Thus Far (Or, "Previously, on Changeling")

Post by CodexGigas on Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:57 pm

The Annals of the Autumn Court of New York City; Addendum IX, 23 December 1929

The addition of a new motley to our freehold--and at the Solstice Ball--is indeed a good omen for the coming year. Previous to their arrival in New York City, the coterie were the captives of a Fae known as the Chatelaine of Hawthorne Keep. Following a series of riddles written on calling cards, they managed to escape Arcadia into the Hedge, and after procuring a map from a goblin market they emerged in an abandoned farmhouse somewhere in the Midwest--likely Oklahoma or Kansas by their reckoning.

They soon found a band of wanderers, or "hobos" in the unfortunate modern parlance, headed east to find work. Once in New York, another calling card led them to the Four Seasons hotel where they met Mrs. Agnes Day, Queen of the Spring Court, who had been sending them the calling cards. The evening of their arrival happened to be the event of the Solstice Ball, at which time they were formally introduced to the gathered freehold.

While none of them have joined a court as of yet, one of them noted the absence of the Winter Monarch, whose rule has resumed now that the southern solstice has ended.

-Candlejack, Lord Scrivener.

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