One Hidden in the Crypt of Bones left Undisturbed

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One Hidden in the Crypt of Bones left Undisturbed Empty One Hidden in the Crypt of Bones left Undisturbed

Post by Mederic du Pons on Wed Oct 30, 2013 6:28 pm

One Hidden in the Crypt of Bones left Undisturbed

Backstory still to come.

Essence Pools: Pers - 19 max, Perif - 46

Str 3 Dex 4 Con 2
Cha 4 Man 3 App 0
Per 4 Int 4 Wits 3

Melee 4 (Raipiers +2)
Integrity 2
Resistance 1
Craft 5
Investigation 2
Lore 3
Occult 5 (Sorcery +1)
Athletics 1
Awareness 4 (Sight +2)
Stealth 3 (Shadows +1)
Linguistics 2 (Old Realm, Skytounge, Seatounge)
Socialize 1

Willpower 10
Essence 3
Compassion 3 Temperance 2
Conviction 3 Valor 1

Death-Deflecting Technique
Elegant Flowing Deflection
Scathing Cynic Attitude
Shadow Cloak Technique
Spirit-Sensing Meditation
Through Dead Eyes
Vengeful Riposte
Superior Sight Focus
Deception Piercing Stare

Reforge into AEther

Walker on the Ice (4 dot Reaper Daiklave See Below)
Jade Mask

Whispers 1
Ally (Soul of Walker on the Ice) 1

Backstory 1 - Walker on the Ice
She was born on the ice, in the far north where the snow never ceases to fall. Her father was a raksha and her mother a poor villager he fancied. The impossible combination caused her to produce cold in the way most bodies produce heat. A deathlord found this ability fascinating, so he killed her and beat her soul into a brick of steel. From her dark prison, she kept only a vague knowledge of everything that passed, trapped in freezing darkness deep as the void itself. Hider, however, was no normal smith; Using a secret sorcery, he mixed the soulsteel with raw Aether giving life and new power to She who Walks upon the Ice. 10,000 days she had slept upon the ice and never knew cold, then The Silver Prince taught her. It was a favor she intended to repay.
(Walker on the Ice is a midnight blue rapier, slick and sharp as ice. When drawn from its scabbard, a supernatural frost falls upon an area up to (Wielder's Essence) yards (The cold affects a greater area, but does not inflict penalties over the distance. It also may be contained in a room sealed by at least solid door.) This frost is strong enough to quench non-magical fires and freeze liquids (Ice thick enough to walk on takes 1 minute per 200lbs.)  Creatures caught in the frost take a -1e penalty to attacks against the attuned exalt due to the extreme cold (This is an environmental penalty.) Otherwise, it is treated as being caught in a supernatural ice storm (Page 131 exalted core. 2L/min trauma 1.) The wielder is immune to natural cold and the effects of Walker on the Ice.)

An army of squirrels is still an army.

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