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Opening and First Choice Empty Opening and First Choice

Post by Mederic du Pons on Sat Nov 09, 2013 3:28 pm

(As a note: Please discuss which option you choose in the discussion forum. )

Work is long and absurd today. Your boss is riding you about papers you turned in a week ago and he subsequently loss. The jerk in the cubicle next to yours is obviously playing Call of Duty while you rewrite said papers. A raise was promised to you a year ago, but has been pushed back another month. And swear to God if Deborah shows you one more funny cat photo someone will die.

What happened to your life? Back in college you used to be a fighter, and a damn good one. Then papers hit and you started dating Steph... Somewhere along the way the hobby you loved so much was given up for work. I mean, You occasionally see one of your old sparing partners and you hand his butt back to him but those have been growing less and less frequent. Your old six pack has gone flabby and most of your runs have become walks. In short, you have become what you always feared: You have become normal.

Driving home you pass an old nature trail. The sun is bright and clear and from the hills you can see clear across the lake. Looking for some peace you stop, change your suit for you gym clothes and go for a run. Exercise in the open air stirs you heart. You miss this; being outside moving, making your body work for a change. You sprint up the hillside, pushing your legs until your muscles burn.

Atop the hill is an oak tree that has stood here since you were a child. You brace yourself against it, panting. 5 years ago you would have passed it by without a second glance; Today you need to rest, so you climb into the braches and stare out at the view. The lake is blue, the hills golden and the trees green. Caught in a cubicle, people forget how beautiful this town really is.

A cloud passes and the sun shines directly into your eyes. You raise your hand quickly, but the light blinds you. Darkness swirls and engulfs the hillside, leaving only black nothing to be seen. Then, from the dark lights shine. As you strain your eyes to focus, you see:

1.  A Gun - You find a gun and use it to kill a man. You will spend the rest of your life atoning for this crime, but you will never repent. You will slay enemies that the heroes cannot, with only your grit and a gun. For this they will hate you. Still, you walk with pride, for you are a man who keeps the company of the Gods.  

2. A Mountain Lion - You find True Love. Soon she will force her way into your life, becoming your constant companion and best friend. She will revel to you a world behind the world and the two of you will be tasked to protect it.  Your life will finally be interesting, but maybe a little bit exhausting. In the end you will face an ancient evil and your love will save  everyone.  

3. A Sun beam - You step into the sun and remember the glory of the spot light and the roar of applause. You will become the champion of the world. You will be a role model, a hero to many. You are the best there has ever been. Some will hate you, others try to use you. The road ahead of you will be difficult but stick to your heart. If  you fall you will lose everything.  

4. An Old Shrine - You find a shrine that people have long forgotten. As you give your respects, the spirits will accept you. They will become your closest friends, but it will come as you withdraw from the world. You will lose track of the lives of humans, but what you gain is a far greater thing. In time they will task you to protect them and you will give your life to save them.

5.  A Mutilated Corpse - You find a dead body and are killed for your knowledge. But death will not take you. You will return to walk the earth and seek vengeance. Even if you find justice, you will stumble upon a greater mystery which threatens the very world. There is no rest for the undead; you will not taste death until you first send them into the pit.

6. A Wildfire - You are caught in a Wildfire! As the flames surround you, a long friend and mentor will save your life at the cost of his own. He will whisper a secret with his dying breath, of wealth and power beyond any man's dreams. Soon they will be coming for you, but if you can keep your wits about you will find what you lost long ago: Wealth, hope, a family and a purpose.

An army of squirrels is still an army.

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