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Post by LightOfDawn on Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:24 pm

Okay, so as I said before, I've been thinking of a few possible game paths. Let's have a vote, and then we can refine further from there.

1. What happened to the Solars?
A campaign set in R.Y. 763 (the year the Solars are released), this features the Sidereals looking at the Solars' return and going, "Huh? How did they get out, and why are there only half as many?" Likely to heavily star Deathknights and/or Infernals, this game would probably feature the Deathlords (the Fall of Thorns) and/or the Yozis (a war on Heaven begins). Depending on how your characters take it, though, it could also become a search for the Empress or even discovery of/cure for the Great Curse.

2. Creation is Gem
A campaign set in R.Y. 768 (default start time), dealing with Dragon-Blooded on the verge of civil war, Solars that are just getting up to shenanigans, and the Lunars as they support/fight/manipulate/join the Solars. Would mainly focus on the Realm and threats to it, though it will feature a complete mixed bag of Exalts (obviously with far less focus on Deathknights and Infernals than the other game) and is basically "everybody attacks at once." Pick and support your favorite candidate for the Scarlet Throne or help the Empire collapse completely, ride with the Wyld Hunt or strategically cripple it as it takes on small Solar kingdoms, save Creation... or destroy it.

3. Forget the metaplots!
I can come up with something more original, which will likely depart from canon much faster than the above two game paths. Maybe a new Time of Cascading Years threatens, someone's artifact accidentally breaks causality, or everyone wakes up as a redhead one day. Maybe you'll focus on freeing the Incarnae from the Games, maybe the Quicksilver Hand of Dreams' creator starts abducting Sidereals, or maybe you all receive invitations to a mysterious Martial Arts tournament no one's ever heard of.

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Game Path Voting Empty Re: Game Path Voting

Post by AlaskanWyvern on Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:08 pm

Option one sounds more interesting; my character's a Battles, so he'd go ape for number two. But given my presently average War, I'm guessing one.

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