Mistress of the Ravenous North, Chosen of Venus

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Mistress of the Ravenous North, Chosen of Venus Empty Mistress of the Ravenous North, Chosen of Venus

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((So there should totally be a finished backstory around here somewhere. In the unlikely event that there isn't, you've had your ability to read backstories revoked by a sidereal, and I'm sorry for your loss.))

Mistress was, many years ago, the daughter of a Haslanasha chief. Initially intended to secure nothing more than a prearranged alliance marriage, she was hardly educated or encouraged to explore her talents. Indeed, prior to her wedding day, she could hardly claim any useful skills whatsoever. Fortunately for her, the moment she crossed the threshold to her new husband's house Venus' favor shined upon her, taken aback but not daunted, he attempted to claim his "prize", and that was when what she had formerly assumed to be trophies, a dresser, and a chair, turned out to be powerful warriors who slew him immediately and whisked her off without explanation.

Yu-Shan proved a far more useful learning environment, and while the damage done while she was young could not be undone efficiently, she was still able to be taught. She quickly discovered her affinity for Martial Arts, rapidly mastering what other students found to be difficult, though it took her years to acquire the "basic" understanding of language and knowledge her peers took for granted.

Initially billed as "an accident" and "something to get rid of as soon as possible, hopefully her next exaltation is smarter", she was frequently assigned missions ill suited for the average Serenity. Eventually, political maneuvering landed her to "guide a group of immaculate monks to to slay Arvida". While initially recalcitrant, she realized that the divided mobile states were responsible for how she grew up, while Yu-Shan's sedentary lifestyle had clearly lead to a great flourishing. (That Yu-Shan was populated by gods with few if any physical needs did not cross her mind.) While history would hold that the Immaculates slew Arvida, Mistress herself had struck the fatal blow, hoping to guide the impending unrest in the favor of a unified state, a level of political forethought her superiors had not expected.

Years later she would again lead a group of Immaculate monks to slay local deities to further free the then united states from the influence of lesser gods, intentionally stopping the monks from ever coming close to killing the Lunar they were so intent on hunting.

Presently she continues to minorly subvert orders in the North exclusively to the League's benefit. That she hasn't been caught yet surprises her, but no longer concerns her.

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