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Hayato Jirou, Tengu Zen Archer Empty Hayato Jirou, Tengu Zen Archer

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(note: Jirou is his given name)

Jirou was born and raised in a monastery dedicated to Obad-Hai, secondborn in a family of four (his older brother, who didn't survive infancy, his younger brother who did, and the youngest, his sister). He was raised relatively uneventfully, his maturity and patience finding him favor with the elders. By the time he was a young adult, he was already in a position of responsibility, and he had learned the arts of hunting and tanning. But it was in his thirties that his life forever changed.

A female monk by the name of Kotone Aiko came from a neighboring monastery, hoping to patch long-fractured relations through intermarriage. Courtship rights were given to Kouta, a senior monk with due to inherit the second-highest leadership position. But to Jirou, it was love at first sight. Couple that with his mutual dislike of Kouta and Jirou's marital availability, and the recipe for disaster was set.

Jirou challenged Kouta to a duel for Aiko's hand; Kouta initially refused, but Jirou also refused to give up; finally, he wore Kouta down into accepting, and the terms were set. That night, too late, Jirou's brain finally got a word in edgewise through his libido: Kouta is much senior, much better with the bow, and Jirou had signed up for suicide. But Jirou was crafty, and he came up with a plan. He poisoned Kouta that night, with the intent that the poison would take hold during the duel and weaken him so that Jirou would come out on top.

But for all the things that Jirou was, a poison-master was not one of them. Kouta died from his poison several hours too early, and it didn't take a genius to figure out who did it. Aiko left in disgust and returned to her own monastery, while Jirou was stripped of rank and title and slated for execution the next morning. His siblings helped him break out, gave him his bow back and a few days of supplies, and saw him out past the wall. Whether or not they bore consequences for this is as yet unknown.

He wandered aimlessly for the better part of a year, trusting in his hunting and survival skills to sustain him, until a cold, snowy day in the middle of winter when a starving and shivering catfolk girl wandered to his campfire, where he was preparing a fresh kill. He offered to share the meat and tried to exchange pleasantries, but the girl was not terribly familiar with Common, and felin was not a language spoken in the monastery. That her name was Lonael was the best he was able to get. He indicated that she was welcome to stay the night at his fire before they parted ways, but come morning, she never left.

It's true, feed them and they'll never leave, he thought at first, but then he realized that Lonael had nowhere else to go. Thus, this was his chance to atone for his past indiscretions by taking care of her. Her proclivity to fly into extreme frenzies was sometimes a blessing and more often a curse, but it was above all a mystery, and something Jirou has tried to help her master. How much help he's been is debatable. They met seven years ago, and he and Lonael have developed a bond, and he has tried to teach her what he knows.


TL;DR: Bird gets boner, leaves nest, finds cat.

Some notes on the monasteries:
The Sikari monasteries are the primary sect of Obad-Hai worshippers among the Tengu. They are renowned for their prowess with the bow, through their training in the art of hunting. While this is generally not used for war, it has in the past proved to be quite fearsome.
They shun most forms of formalized agriculture in favor of hunting and gathering in their localized area. What they do have is a somewhat Levitical set of practices dictating how said hunting and gathering is to be done - that for each such amount of fruit gathered, another must be planted; one must never take a female animal except in times of dire need, etc. As such, they end up managing the wildlife and their useful plants so well that the regions around the monasteries become incredibly fertile. Outsiders assume it's some sort of supernatural blessing, and the monks may talk about it as though it is; it isn't immediately clear to the outsiders that the true reason is entirely mundane. As other settlements begin to encroach on Sikari hunting grounds, this misunderstanding has begun to cause strife in recent years. Outsiders assume that the bounty will replenish itself through the gift of the gods, but the monks know that the secret is management. In some regions, the poaching has gotten so bad that the monks have had to forcefully drive off outside hunters.

As should be obvious now, the Sikari aren't celibate. Reproduction is as much part of the cycle of life as predation, and indeed the prerequisite.

To the Sikari, a hunter's bow is his life, and to deprive him of it is, obviously, tantamount to murder. If he hadn't been able to get his back on his way out, by his own reckoning, Jirou wouldn't have been a person anymore. There are ceremonial ways of sanctifying a new bow if one is destroyed through means beyond control, but that bow is Jirou's most important possession and will not be given up lightly.

"Put a Twilight Caste in a pit of infinite nothingness, and within a month, the Twilight will have filled it with all the knowledge of Creation. Put a No Moon in the same pit, and within a week, the No Moon will have learned something new." -Unknown

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